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Welcome to, home of "The World's First Hands-Free Garment Bag". The GoPack was designed for people on-the-go. And let's face it, people are on the go like never before. Combine that with our goals for fitness and exercise, and  Gopacks were born. Add that, our need to save our planet from greenhouse gases, now you can do it all, while looking your very best!

Gopacks are the first garment bags designed as back-packs. A GoPack features a large main compartment designed to neatly fold and secure your work garments, and keep them looking fresh for your day ahead. There are also additional compartments for toiletries, jewelry, your MP3 player, cell phone, accessories, and shoes.  The New Gopacks include a padded sleeve to help protect your laptop computer or tablet.

So whether you run, walk or bike to work, your Gopack are with you to carry everything you need for an active and well-dressed day.

Gopacks are great as overnight bags for business travelers, too.
Have Fun, Save Gas, Get Fit.


Pack-and-go with Style, Functionality, & Efficiency

Walk to Work
Whether you are walking to work, or making an overnight trip, your GoPack is a hands-free way to commute. Wear it like a backpack, or carry it like a brief case. The GoPack is light weight and durable.
Bike to Work
Grab your bike and your GoPack for an exhilarating two-wheeled commute. The GoPack neatly and securely stores your work clothes and accessories into one convenient pack.
Run to Work
Go Green! Park your car, and strap on a GoPack. Two securable padded shoulder straps keep your pack steady and balanced. The GoPack can carry any work day apparel, business professional or casual. The GoPack keeps your garments folded neatly and securely.