Product Specs

GoPacks are made of a weather-resistant, durable Cordura material. Heavy duty YKK zippers are used on all compartments to assure years of reliability. Flaps cover all zippers to keep the weather out.  GoPacks feature three main compartments. First, there are two external compartments for shoes or a laptop, and a smaller compartment for toiletries. The large main compartment is specifically designed to carry one or two business suits, or other business attire, neatly and securely to minimize wrinkles and keep you looking great. The main compartment has aninternal Garment Organizer that folds and holds your garments securely inside the pack. The Garment Organizer has a large zippered pouche for jewelry, undergarments, or any other accessories Two adjustable straps secure your folded garments inside the pack.

The GoPack "Hands-Free Garment Bag" can be carried as a back pack or like a suitcase. The shoulder straps have two convenient pouches for keys, a cell phone, sunglasses, or MP3 player.

For the ultimate in hands-free commuting, order your GoPack today!

Dimensions: GoPacks are approximately 22 inches long by 14 inches wide. It is about 2 inches high and expands to over 6 inches if fully packed.

How to Use Your GoPack

  1. Open the main compartment of your GoPack and unfold the Garment Organizer found inside the main compartment.
  2. Lay the Garment Organizer flat on a bed or other flat surface, unbuckle the two elastic straps and lay the straps so that they are off of the Garment Organizer.
  3. Use the large zippered pouch at the top of the garment organizer for jewelry, undergarments, or other accessories.
  4. Leave your garments on hangars and lay them flat over the Garment Organizer. Place the hook of your hangar through the loop at the top of the Garment Organizer.
  5. Lay the sleeves of your shirt, blouse or jacket across the body of the garment so that they form an X.
  6. Flatten and smooth your garments, including the sleeves to minimize any wrinkles.
  7. Reconnect the two elastic straps over your garments.
  8. Carefully roll-fold the garment starting at the top, making two folds, and pressing your clothes with your hands to smooth out any wrinkling that may occur while folding.
  9. Secure your folded garments by closing the main compartment of the Pack.
  10. The exterior compartments can be used for shoes, toiletries, and other personal items.
  11. When caring a laptop or tablet use the laptop sleeve to avoid movement inside the pack.
  12. There are two pockets on the shoulder straps that can be used to carry your keys, cell phone, or music player.